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Is Your Diablo 2 Slow or Laggy?

Jylok Dec 8, 2013

  1. Jylok

    Jylok Junior I

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    I see so many ppl more and more complain about "lag" and "poor performance" on Etal or no Etal.
    Just wanted to post a couple of things that I know will help a few ppl before you start ripping up the forums going "ETAL SO BAD. Y U NO BOT?" etc.

    Lag. Its 2013 bro. Lag died in like 1997 with 28.8k baud modems... mmk? Here are the 3 biggest culprits for your Diablo 2 "lagging"

    1. Video Settings. The 3dFx and higher resolution video modes in this game, that was made over a decade ago.. is no longer supported by most if not all newer cards. Especially Laptops. Run your Video Test again (found in games root directory) and select the lowest, 2d graphics setting.

    2. Telegrab. If you are forcing the bot to call after each teleport think of this. Bot Kills Monster > Bot Teleports > Bot stops to contemplate life... "Hmm.. do I need that item.. nope. Next!" > Bot kills another monster > "Well, what about that item? Nope. Next!" > Etc etc. Turn off Telegrab to make the bot check the nips WAY less often.

    3. Porn. Get some Antivirus bro. AVG Free is good enuff in most cases. Then go get urself a copy of CC Cleaner as well. Give ur dirty, porn infested computer a good scrubbin from that increasingly shameful porn.

    Just thought Id help with this. As Ive run into over 20 ppl in game so far this season who have run thru these 3 steps and have come back to me with "OMG THAT FIXED IT. I CANT WAIT TO D2 NOW!"

    Keep up the good work, ETAL
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  2. Jeff

    Jeff Staff Member D2Etal Developer

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    I don't always like what users have to say... But when I do... It's this right here.

    BUT, I'm moving this since it isn't a cry for help.
  3. Ibra

    Ibra Contributor

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    Don't forget Glide wrapper... Fix those graphics blues like nobody's business. (Search Glide Wrapper on this forum and install it.)

    Also, I'm on a 50 meg cable modem system. Sometimes my games have a few moments of ping time slowness... Even modern internet looses a connection path and has to re-route. It usually happens so fast that you never know it happened, but it is happening all the time. So some of it is still a somewhat old internet basic infrastructure. Wait till google internet is everywhere.

    Also, in some of the times I've called into Bliz to ask why this or that happened to my games, I've gotten the explanation that they are using really. (NO REALLY) old hardware to run D2 on. Legacy and stuff. It sux that they don't want to spend just a few grand putting hot-rod modern equipment in to keep one of the most awesome games ever running, but that's another factor to consider.