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About Project Etal
The name Etal is derived from the Latin term "et al" meaning "and others". The name was selected to describe our communal approach toward development. Project Etal currently consists of D2Etal, a heavily modified and actively developed version of the D2NT Diablo 2 Bot. D2Etal offers a wide range of scripts with many configuration options that allow you to tailor the functionality to your own personal needs.
Here are some of the major features of D2Etal!
* A special Etal Manager!
* 75+ Area Scripts to include Ubers, Waypoint grabbers, and a Mule Logger.
* A more extensive Pickit folder than your standard D2NT 3.1 Download.
* Hostile logging to .txt files, as well as a Hostile chicken or killer.
* Shopbot to buy the items you want from Vendors without doing it manually.
* Multiple starters for variations in how you wish to run leader/leeching scripts.
* Complete .xml item logging that can show even the lowest item you picked up!
* Other Goodies and so much more!
For more information on Project Etal, be sure to check out the History of Etal, by Stairbuilder.
Getting Started
System requirements for Etal. Also programs and resources that will assist you in running your bot. Read this first.
Installing Etal
Etal Installation Guide
Etal First-Time Configuration
Etal setup guide for first time installs.
Non-English D2
A guide on how to set up your bot to run properly if you are using a non-English Operating System.
Revision Updates
See what was changed and why.
Answers to common questions.
Additional Guides
Basic Botting
Etal Manager GUI
Character Configuration
Starter/Entry Point
Etal Hotkeys
Load Config Errors
Using Multiple CDKeys
Performance Tuning
Fixing The Dots Crash
Performance Tuning with Glide
Information on Realm Down
Red Vex Plugins
Muling and Logging
Mule Log Configuration
Crafting and Runewording
Leeching Set-up
Friendless Leech
Pickit/Snagit/NIP and Items
Snagit/NIP Syntax
Pickit Files
Pickit Philosophy
Development Information
Etal Development Resources
Javascript Resources
Complete Guide to SVN
Kingpintz Hero Editor
Botting Builds
Magic Find Guide
Gold Find Guide
Good Places to Magic Find
Item Generation Tool
Tips on gaining level 99
StealthBot Channel Bot
Getting Started with Wiki Formatting
Advanced Wiki Formatting