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I used the new GitHub link and the bot doesn't work/crashes?

If you have revision 3-BE or 4-BE, a lot of vital parts got messed up in the process. You will need to re-download the bot (using the same link) to get revision 70-BE or above. Any files that you changed can be copied directly into the new folder. The changes that were made are in the manager itself and supporting files.

My bot won't connect to Battle.Net/Restarting loop.

Your manager and the Diablo 2 game must be set to run in admin mode. For more information, see here.
If you use multiple cdkeys, make sure the name is correct and it uses classic and expansion keys (if running expansion).

My bot loads up but then he just sits there

Make sure you have uncommented some scripts for him to run.

Also, see Config Check Failure

My character configuration file appears scrambled

The reason why a character configuration file looks scrambled when you open them with notepad is that it seems notepad does something strange with blank spaces. The easiest way to unscramble them is to never use notepad for editing code ever again. This is by far the easiest and best approach in the long run. If you want to do anything inside the bot files you are far better off using notepad++ or programmers notepad.

How do I get the bot to make/join a channel

Under the D2NT\scripts folder, you will see all of your Starter Files. Depending on which one you use will be the one you want to modify.

You will be looking for this section like this:

// Lobby chat settings :

Read the comments and configure these parameters accordingly.

My bot is stuck in a loading loop and never launches a Diablo window

You may not be set for admin/compatibility mode. See Etal_First-Time_Configuration#Configure_the_D2NT_Executable for more information.

My bot won't buy potions

You need to be sure you have your inventory settings configured properly in the Inventory section of your character configuration file.

 NTConfig_FreeSpace = 4;	 // Number of free columns. If the bot has less 
	 	 	 //than this amount after id'ing it will go to stash

 NTConfig_Columns[0] = [0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0];
 NTConfig_Columns[1] = [0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0];
 NTConfig_Columns[2] = [0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0];
 NTConfig_Columns[3] = [0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0];

If you have all your slots set at 0, the bot believes there is NO space to pick up or buy anything. So you simply need to create an open space in your inventory to fix this. Also be sure you have picking up potions enabled in your snagit file.

My bot won't buy keys to open chests

If you configured your bot to open chests, such as the Lower Kurast chests, and your bot is not purchasing keys you need to enable the OpenChest variable in your character configuration file.

NTConfig_OpenChest = true;

If it is set to true and you buy the initial keys manually, your bot should replenish keys while at the vendor. Also, you can set how many keys you want on hand at all times using the keys variable.

NTConfig_keys = 5;

Please note that NTConfig_OpenChest is the ONLY line that will enable key buying. The bot will never pick up keys based on snagit entries because they are ignored within the NTItemParser.

My mercenary is dead and isn't getting resurrected

Open your character config file and set CheckMercSafe to '01'. Also make sure you have use merc set to true in the general config section.

Bot not putting anything in stash

Check for this setting in your character configuration file:

NTConfig_FreeSpace = 2;	// Number of free columns. If the bot has less than
			// this amount after id'ing it will go to stash

Make sure you have this set to a number greater than 0.

How do I get my bot to run in public games

Search for this header in your character configuration file:

// General configuration

Set publicmode to true. Don't forget to remove the password from your D2NT profile.

The bot keeps trying to enter my password in the account field

Login manually once without using the bot. It should work afterwards.

How do I set up for manual play with Etal pickit

Uncomment the NTManual.ntj script in your character configuration file. Use the NTBotOrig.ntj entry point in your D2NT profile. Use D2NT to launch Diablo. Note: If you have boss scripts uncommented the bot will run those scripts prior to the NTManual script.

How do I get the bot to keep something it isn't keeping

In your character configuration file, you need to locate the snagit section and see which snagit/nip files you are loading. Then you visit the nip files you are loading and edit them to keep those items you want to keep. You do this by specifying the item using the snagit syntax.

Generally speaking, the snagit files included with the Etal installation contain entries for most items types. Some entries will have a couple of slashes ("//") in front of them. These slashes are a comment indication and cause this entry to be ignored by the bot. If you find rune entries in the file you want to pick up that have these // marks in front, simply remove the 2 marks and save the file to start picking up those items.

//[Name] == HelRune
^^^^^ commented out, not being picked up

Changed to:
[Name] == HelRune
^^^^^ this one will cause hel runes to be picked up

For more nip syntax information, see the Nip_Config guide.

Bot spends too much/not enough time in the lobby

This may vary depending on the entry point in use, however generally speaking you want to adjust the following parameters in your entrypoint file (ex. ntbot.ntj):

var createGameThreshold		= 20000;	// time in milliseconds to wait 
						// between making games
var createGameThresholdRandom	= 10000;	// time in milliseconds to randomly
						// add +/- to the game create time
//       Minimum Game Length:       //

var gameMinLength = 180000;	//time in milliseconds, minimum game length
				// 180 seconds default (1 game/3 minutes)

Caster bot keeps trying to hit things with the equipped weapon

In the attack section of the character configuration, be sure that you have disabled using -1 and not 0.

For example:

NTConfig_AttackSkill[0] = 0; 

is incorrect and tells the bot to use a normal attack (a weapon hit)

NTConfig_AttackSkill[0] = -1; 

is a correctly disabled attack.

How do I use multiple CD Keys

See Using Multiple CDKeys.

Why does my necro keep visiting Act 1 before botting

The act 1 visit is most likely for raising skelies. If you have the necrostarter script running and you don't want a skelie army, comment that out of your character configuration.

//NTConfig_Script.push("NTNecroStarter.ntj"); 	// can be used to get some summons together 
 	 	 	 	 	 	// before starting baal helper script

Oak Sage is causing me to chicken

You need to disable the D2NT chicken and use only the ETAL Chicken or alternatively lower your chicken settings.


I don't understand how the crafting engine works

Be sure to read through the Crafting Guide.

My bot keeps tossing away Pgems but I have item rolling enabled on a magical item

If pgems are not in your pickit, they will be stashed ONLY when you already have the base item for your craft (amulet, gloves, charm, etc...).

If you need a stock of pgems ready for your next cubing but are still looking for a base item, you can add pgems to your pickit and enable gem cubing. The MaxQuantity NIP parameter is useful for limiting how many pgems you save.

I enabled charm rolling but my bot keeps selling charms instead of rolling them

Charm rolling only occurs when the bot locates a charm of sufficient iLvl. Typically the only appropriate charms are those that drop from either Diablo, Nilhathak or Baal. Other charms will not be capable of rolling the best mods so they are exempted.


Restarting Diablo II after every game

First, you need to check the D2NT manager to make sure you don't have the bot set to change keys. The box that says game#/cdkey should be set to 0 unless you are using the CD key switching functionality.

If you are switching CD Keys and you have the required mpq files in your D2 folder, you have to have var UseCDKeyChangeTrick = true; in your starter/entry point file.

Afterwards, you may need to do any number or possibly all of the following things:

  • Restart Etal Manager
  • Restart Computer
  • Defrag your Hard Drive
  • Run something like CCleaner
  • Do and SVN update
  • Let it run for a while to work itself out
  • Re-install Etal
  • Clear out your sandbox (if you use Sandboxie)

My leecher/fighter won't go into the portal

Possible solutions:

  • If you are not running the friendless version, make sure the leader and leecher are friends.
  • The most common error is that the leaders name is NOT spelled properly. Note that Etal configuration is case sensitive.
  • Also a possible cause, the leaders name may be in the wrong place. There are 2 leader spots in your character config (one for Baal, one for Diablo).
  • Another possibility is that you don't have the safe message in the proper place or written in the proper case.
  • You may be using followleecher.ntj when you mean to use leechstarter.ntj

At the end of the game, the leader just stands there and doesn't leave the game

Make sure you do NOT have this configured in your leader's character configuration file, even if it is set to yourself:

NTConfig_Leader = "MyCharacter"; 

That parameter is intended only for the leechers.

Using redvex with Etal with multiple leechfighters causes some to fail to join

If you use redvex and 3 bots to leechfight by default they will all join the new game at the same time. This will always cause 1 bot to fail to join. Because 2 bots can join right away with no problem you need to give the 3rd bot a delay.

1. Put this in your NTLeechStarter.ntj file right in the beginning to the other variables:

var delayLeecher = "leechernamehere"; 	//add the name of one of your leechers
					// must be spelled and cased exactly
var delayLeecherDelay = 500;  		// the delay that will differ from the other
					// leechers. Play with this and find what works best.

In my case it set the delay to 3000. you have to see what works best.

2. Find these lines:

controlData.setText( controlData.controls.lobby.join.editBox.password, gamepassword);

Replace "Delay(100);" with this:

	if(me.charname == delayLeecher){


The leecher isn't joining games properly but we are mutual friends

If your character is not entering games, open up your leech starter entry point and edit the information as explained below!

Entry Point/Starter: NTLeechStarter.ntj, NTLeechStarter2.2.ntj, NTLeechStarter2.3.ntj, etc...

This is the account name of your leader. Not the character.
This is the character name of your leader. Not the account.
If there is a password to the games you will be following, you put that here. Leave blank if there is no password!
Leech file Example;
// =============================================================================
// Leader Account settings
// =============================================================================
var leaderAccountName = "yyy";   (Person's account your following)
var leaderName = "xxx";          (Person's characters name your following)
// =============================================================================
// Game password (leave blank if none)
// =============================================================================
var gamepassword = "zzz";
If leechers are using # Games Per CDKey > 0 (and you have enabled the CDKEY trick)

Make sure that in your manager you give the leechers a very short game name and a very short password. Do not use the default random game name/password option or anything length or you may get some strange results. While the Manager's game name entry is not in use for leeching games, it is used as a 'trick' to get the manager to increment the game counter for your leechers so that they can change CDkeys properly. So, the starter is handling game names for leech bots, and the game set in manager is just spammed to increase game count. Random game/password will take too much time and is the most common cause for this issue.


What do these weird icons on my Etal folder mean

Please see the SVN Guide for this and other general information on SVN.

My SVN icons seem to have vanished

It can bug out sometimes. Usually a restart fixes it.

Everything was working until I SVN updated

So you have run the SVN update command, and now your getting an error such as:

  • Reference Error: NTLoadConfig is not defined
  • Reference Error: NTConfig_somethingORother is not defined

Everytime you update your build using SVN update, you need to redo your character config file. Please delete or rename the one you currently have and start fresh. Please follow the steps in the Create a Configuration File template for your character section of the Etal First-Time Configuration guide.

Note that if you are running Windows 7 or Vista, doing an SVN update can reset the permissions/compatibility settings on the folder. If you can't get the manager to load D2 after an update, try restarting and make sure you still have it set to run as administrator and disable desktop composition.

The Revision numbers reported in SVN and my bot's status bar are different

D2Etal is a project that contains multiple branches including a beta branch and a trunk branch. Any time there is commit to either of the 2 SEPARATE parts of the project, the revision number goes up even if there was nothing done to one of the 2 separate parts. So even though the revision number you get from svn may be increased, nothing has necessarily been touched in the your branch.

Here is a link to the SVN Guide for more information on SVN.

Error Messages

  1. FAQ on Error Messages


D2 Crash Public Baals

Your bot will be crashed if someone comes into your game and spams the following in your game:


There is NO fix to this. It is an issue with the D2NT 3.1 core, which Etal does not have access to.

If someone is doing this to you outside of your game, the "/o igw" command blocks non-friendslist whispers. You just do this once manually and it is locked in after that.

Here is a guide to a workaround for this issue: Fixing The Dots Crash

Opening in game windows crashes my Diablo window

When playing Diablo manually, most people use the hotkeys to open windows such as the character screen (A), quests log, (Q), inventory (I), etc. When D2NT is running, do not use these keys or you may crash Diablo. D2NT core seems to have an issue with hot keys, and we can not fix that. Instead, use the mini panel to open up the windows, and your bot will not crash.

I get a lot of random crashes and I use fast pickit

Fast pickit is known to cause instability. If you don't want to crash, disable it. If you don't want to disable it, you can try adjusting the snag delay timer but nothing will ever make these crashes go away completely. Latency is a variable here. Any parameter with this fine of an adjustment will have variant results from setup to setup.

Realm Down

I need help because I have been temporarily banned from the realm

See Information on Realm Down

Pickit Errors

  1. FAQ on Pickits/Snagit