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This guide assumes a fresh installation of Etal that has never before been configured. If you have not yet set up SVN or Etal, you need to follow the steps in the Installing Etal guide before continuing with this configuration guide.

Verify your Diablo II Installation

Before you begin, please verify that you can launch Diablo manually and connect to


Is your character appropriate for Etal?

There are only a couple of prerequisites with respect to your Diablo II character.

1. Your character needs teleport, either the Enigma runeword, or the Sorceress skill.

Etal pathing was never really intended for walking. The generalized answer is no to having no teleport skill.
There is an exception to this, the universal Baal leech has a walking setting.
Special cases, like Eldritch or Pindleskin for example, can have some limited success without teleport.
On maps that are static you can plot x,y coords for walking and increase success. There are walking Tristram scripts around that do work most of the time.
On maps that layout stays the same, but x,y coords change you can use a something, example would be act 1 town and the fire, to plot your coords off of. Another example of this would be trav and use either the wp or the entrance to durance levels as something to base the x, y's off of
To increase success even more the amount of retries in the moveto function can be reduced, see the reset bot unless sixpack changed that, and also adding a clear position before killing a called boss helps. Doing a check for monsters close when you get stuck and doing a clear position would probably help as well as maybe rotating a vector, walking a bit, getting a new path to the original destination and trying again.

2. Your character needs a Tome of Town Portal in their inventory.

Additionally, a Tome of Town Portal can not be in the stash or Horadric cube.

3. Your character will need some gold to start with to purchase repairs, potions, and scrolls.

4. Your character needs to be strong enough to handle the scripts you have it set to run.

If you have problems here you should decrease the difficulty you are botting or try different scripts.

5. Any class choice is acceptable provided your build is effective for the areas you wish to bot.

Locate the Etal Manager

The Etal scripts are run though the Etal manager. To locate the executable, navigate though your Etal directory to \Etal\D2NT\Etal Manager.exe.


If you have not yet installed Etal, you need to follow the steps in the Installing Etal guide before continuing with this configuration guide.

Configure the Etal Manager

If you use Windows Vista or Windows 7, please follow these instructions.

If you run a previous version of Windows, Etal is already properly configured for your system and you can skip this section.
If using windows 7 you do not have to check compatibility tab.

1. Right click on Etal Manager.exe
2. Select Properties from the menu
3. Select the Compatibility tab at the top
4. Under "Compatibility mode", enable the checkbox to "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"
5. From the drop down list choose: "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)"
6. Under "Privilege Level" click the checkbox labeled "Run this program as an administrator"
7. Select the "OK" button to save these changes.


Configure your Diablo game.exe

Please follow these instructions.

1. Navigate to your Diablo 2 install folder and right click on Diablo's game.exe
2. Select Properties from the pop-up menu
3. Select the Compatibility tab at the top
4. Under "Compatibility mode", enable the checkbox to "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"
5. From the drop down list choose: "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)"
6. Under "Privilege Level" enable the checkbox labeled "Run this program as an administrator"
7. Select the "OK" button to save these changes.

Admin prop.png

Configure your profile

1. Launch your Etal Manager.exe
2. Click the "Add" button to make a new profile
3. Provide a Profile Name to help you to identify this specific profile
4. Configure a path to the diablo "Game.exe" file. Generally, you can just use the auto-detect button to have Etal locate this file for you.
5. Select your runtime options. We recommend Window Mode/No Sound/Low Quality.
6. If you have made .mpq files for your CD keys you would specify them here in the box labeled CDKey. An example of the syntax is specified beneath the entry field. If you have more than 1 cdkey.mpq file you will also have to adjust the "Game #/CDkey" field with a non-zero value. If you need more information on making these files please see the Requirements and Recommendations Guide and read about Serby's tool. These .mpq files are not required for a single cdkey installation; the bot will use the key installed from the regular Diablo 2 installation if no mpqs are specified.
7. Configure you Game Settings and select your entry point/starter file. For details on entry point/starter files visit the Starter Config page.
8. Click OK to finish profile configuration. 9. Click the Save button to save your profile setting.


Note: imperative is last name of your every diablo II copy to be "...\Diablo II\" - not like in previous picture in field "Path"

Create a Configuration File template for your character

When you launch your profile for the first time and successfully join a game, Etal will auto-create a base configuration file for you.
This file can be found in the Etal\D2Etal\scripts\NTBot\char_configs\ directory and it will be named NTConfig_<character class>_<your character name>.ntl.

Please note that it will be important to recreate this template file and reconfigure your character whenever you update your Etal version.


Edit your Character Configuration template

Before you begin editing, check to make sure you have a good file editor. We recommend Programmer's Notepad or Notepad++ for all your editing needs. DO NOT use Microsoft Notepad/Wordpad.

Warning.png WARNING: Never cut and paste from these wiki entries into your configuration file. The syntax may not match. Always edit your file manually.

Your character configuration file contains all the configuration settings relevant to your character. It is important to become familiar with this file. In this guide only the configuration settings critical to getting your bot running will be outlined. You will still need to explore the remaining settings to fine tune your bot and get things running optimally.

Please note that due to the ever changing content of these configuration files as well as the multiple different Etal builds that are publicly available, some information in this document might not match exactly with your configuration file.

The Config Check

Faq.png The following information has been identified as a Frequently Asked Question.

This section of the character configuration is intended to verify that you have edited this file prior to attempting to run the bot. You must comment out the call to ConfigCheck.ntj to run the bot.

Before Edit:

// Comment the Config Check out. 
//	If you have trouble configuring your bot, all guides for Etal can be found below:
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


After Edit:

// Comment the Config Check out. 
//	If you have trouble configuring your bot, all guides for Etal can be found below:
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Bot Script Selection

Warning.png WARNING: DO NOT uncomment anything on the RIGHT SIDE of the character config. These lines are only to explain what your options are and what certain parts do. They are not written in javascript and will cause errors!

There are many different types of scripts you can choose to run and it is a good idea to have a look through the various choices. For the purposes of this guide, we will focus on the Boss Configuration since that is the most common area of selection.

Search for this header:

// Boss configuration

Under this header you will find various boss scripts organized by the act they are found in. Simply uncomment the scripts you wish to run by removing the "//" in front of them. Don't forget to configure any parameters associated with these scripts. These parameters will generally be located just beneath the uncommented script.


	NTConfig_ClearAllCatacombs = 0;					// 0 : Andy only, 1 : Clear All, 2 : Clear While Skipping Regular Monsters
	NTConfig_PositionAndy = 0;						// 0 : right wall, 1 : left wall, 2 : very close, 3 : andy dodge, 4 : out of andy range
	NTConfig_ClearAndarielThrone = true;			// Set to true to clear the throne room after Andy, false if not

In the above example, we have removed the commenting forward slashes from the beginning of the line calling the Catacombs script.
This script has three associated configuration parameters for your consideration, ClearAllCatacombs, PositionAndy and ClearAndarielThrone.
All of these configuration parameters have comments on the right hand side to help you understand their purpose and possible configuration!

Warning.png WARNING: If your bot enters the game and leaves immediately but DOES NOT display any errors, it's probably because this section wasn't done right.

Inventory settings

Search for this header:

// Inventory settings

Please make sure the FreeSpace parameter is set to a nonzero value. If you do not change this, the bot will never stash any items since it cannot meet the criteria to do so.

NTConfig_FreeSpace = 1;	// Number of free columns. If bot has less than this amount after id'ing, it will go to stash.

The next bit of configuration you must configure is your inventory columns. You need to tell the bot which spaces in your character's inventory are never to be moved.
This is useful if you plan to have your character carry items like a Hellfire torch, Annihilus charm, Tome of Town Portal, Gheed's Fortune charm or any other item that should always remain in a character's inventory.
The following configuration section of the inventory settings is used to designate exactly this.


// These numbers correspond to your inventory. Set 0 to keep whatever is there, 1 to have the bot manage the slot.
NTConfig_Columns[0] = [1,1,1,1,1,0,0,0,0,0];
NTConfig_Columns[1] = [1,1,1,1,1,0,0,0,0,0];
NTConfig_Columns[2] = [1,1,1,1,1,0,0,0,0,0];
NTConfig_Columns[3] = [1,1,1,1,1,0,0,0,0,0];

In the above example we are configured to leave the items located in the right hand side of the inventory untouched. The left hand side of the inventory will be used to pick up items. This configuration would match the following inventory provided all items shown are meant to be kept where they are.
Warning.png You are required to have at least 1 (one/uno/single) spot open in your inventory or you WILL run into issues!!!


Snagit settings

Search for this header:

// SnagIt configuration
// Select one group only (normal / advance / extreme / Master)

In this section Etal has included 4 sets of pre-configured snagit files. The contents of these files will determine what your bot chooses to pick up and what it will ignore. If you plan to use any of these pre-configured snagit file sets, please make sure you uncomment only one set'. You may also choose to create your own snagit files.

The 3 pre-configured snagit file sets (normal, advance, extreme) provide you with a progression from loose to more strict snagit files while master is a comprehensive list set to reasonable settings. If you want you bot picking up more basic items for general use, select the normal or advance files. If you want to look for the more highly valued rare or magical items in Diablo, you will want to select the extreme files. If you want to configure your own, use the Master files and edit them to your liking.

If you choose the master files, please be aware that the FAST.nip file is only for use with the fast snagit feature. It is essentially a paired down compilation of all the other Master nip files within the one file. You should use either the master FAST.nip or the other master files. Including the FAST.nip with the other Master nips will duplicate NIP entries.

Regardless of which you select, you should take a look at these files and become familiar with them. That way, you will always know why you identify and/or keep certain items.




	//NTConfig_NIPFilePath.push("Master/Gold Potions Runes Gems Essences Keys Organs.nip");

In the above example we have enabled only the extreme set of snagit (or NIP) files. To view the contents of these files, navigate to the Etal\D2NT\scripts\NTBot\item_configs\extreme\ directory, open and read each one.

Info.png Information on snagit syntax can be found on the Nip Config page.

Attack settings

Search for this header:

// Attack configuration
// Change the -1's to corosponding #'s found in /D2NT/sdk/skills.txt
// As of Jan 17th: -1 = disable, 0 = normal attack


NTConfig_AttackSkill[0] = -1;	// First skill. Set to -1 if you won't
NTConfig_AttackSkill[1] = 112;	// Primary skill to boss.
NTConfig_AttackSkill[2] = 113;	// Primary aura to boss. Set to -1 if you won't
NTConfig_AttackSkill[3] = 112;	// Primary skill to others.
NTConfig_AttackSkill[4] = 113;	// Primary aura to others. Set to -1 if you won't
NTConfig_AttackSkill[5] = -1;	// Secondary skill in case monster is immune to primary skill. Set to -1 if you won't
NTConfig_AttackSkill[6] = -1;	// Secondary aura. Set to -1 if you won't
NTConfig_AttackSkill[7] = -1;	// Tertiary skill in case monster is immune to primary skill. Set to -1 if you won't
NTConfig_AttackSkill[8] = -1;	// Tertiary aura. Set to -1 if you won't

In the above example we have configured a hammerdin to use blessed hammer (112) and concentration (113) and disabled all other parameters. The reference that maps the skill ID numbers to English is located in [1]. Please configure the attack skills you want your bot to use.

Warning.png WARNING: Traps, curses, shapeshifting and any other related attacks do not belong in your attack settings! These go under class-specific settings (shown below). If you put these skills in your attack config, your bot will not function properly! See specific classes for more info.

Skill Spamming

You also have options for skill spamming at Diablo and Baal. They are not both available for all characters. They are found under the main attacks.

	NTConfig_DiaSpam = 0;								// Skill to spam before Diablo Spawns

	prewavespot = [15092, 5040];							// Pre-Wave standing (X,Y) coordinates. (For Baal Scripts.)
	NTConfig_PreWaveSpam = 0;								// Attack skill to spam between waves.  Set "0" to disable.
	KBLSpamPos = [15090, 5028, 15099, 5028, 15093, 5028];	// (X,Y) coordinates to attack with NTConfig_PreWaveSpam.

This was taken from the Sorceress config. NTConfig_DiaSpam is to spam a skill before Diablo spawns. In the case of a sorceress, you might use Charged Bolt for the spam and Lightning for your main attack, or some similar combination. NTConfig_PreWaveSpam is the same thing, but for the waves in the Throne of Destruction. For both of these options, you will put the skill number found in D2NT/scripts/NTBot/char_configs/skills.txt

Class Specific Attack Settings

Search for this header:

// Class Specific settings

In each character configuration, there are class specific settings that no other class has due to them all being so unique.

Each classes character configuration file is linked below for reference, and you can check the information after the '//' on each line to see what that line will do.

Amazon Specific

Farcasting can be enabled using the extras/farcast/ files included with the download!

Assassin Specific

Traps, fade, blade shield, cloak of shadows, trap ranges, boss trap ranges, number of traps, etc.

Barbarian Specific

Find item setting, range of find item usage, weapon switching for higher BO levels.

Druid Specific

Raven casting, distance between you and mobs for tornado.

Necromancer Specific

Boss and normal monster curse settings, golem summoning, how many skeletons/mages/revives to use, corpse explosion.

Paladin Specific

Using redemption for HP and MP, and stationary boss smiting.

Sorceress Specific

Chain lightning on light immunities, dancing Sorc, static casting.

Additional Character Configuration Information

Warning.png If your bot is strength bugged (you are using +Strength from items to put on others) then your Enigma may be lost!

If you don't know whether or not you are strength bugged, take all of your charms and put them into your stash. Then remove all of your gear, if you can't put your Enigma back on, then you are strength bugged!