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Downloading Kingpintz

The only existing download for this file is here. ZIP files are located throughout the page. Be sure to get the version you want.

How To Set Up Toons

Here is how to set up toons for testing purposes which will make it very easy to test any Etal build in single player mode.

  1. Open up the d2 folder you will be using. If there is no folder in there named "save" create it now.
  2. Open up Kingpint__z_Item_Pack and hero editor\Kingpint__z_Item_Pack\Char Files\Skilled. Find whatever class you want
  3. Copy and paste these to files into the save folder you created.
  4. Now fire up hero editor and hit open. You should see the character you copy and pasted there. If not, use the drop down to find it double click Element.d2s (or whichever toon you are messing with).
  5. You can play with all the setting from all the different tabs. Don't worry about messing anything up because you can just delete the toon and start over.
  6. What I recommend is to just add 20 points to every skill just makes it easier to test different builds. Just change the character_config around and you are done.


Obviously this isn't very helpful testing for how effective a build will be in real game play, but it does make it very simple to test whatever code you are working on. Just click on the skills tab, then click on the skills you want to adjust and use the slide to set the skill at whatever you want.

For the most part you can test with whatever equipment the toon comes with. It doesn't really matter because remember we are just testing code not really the builds, but it is very easy to import equipment from kingpintz.

If you want click the inventory tab, click on the stash tab on the side, right click in the "item picked up" field and finally on the "import item from file". This bring another pop up and you can navigate to wherever you have your Kingpintz item pack find the item you want and double click it and it will appear in the item picked up window. Drag and drop it into your inventory.

D2nt and d2 don't play well with each other in single player when it comes to character selection. After you select a character in position 1, as soon as you log out that character is then moved to position 0. So this gets to be a pain. What I do is simply to create a folder for all of my toons and name them so I know what they are. Then it is just a matter of renaming the folder of the toon you want to use to "save" and using position 0 in manager.

I know this guide isn't the best, but banged it out real quick and should be enough to get you started testing code on single player!