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The following is a step-by-step guide detailing the recommended installation of Etal under SVN source control.

Download and Install Tortoise SVN

The recommended approach to installing Etal uses Tortoise SVN source control software. Before downloading Etal itself, you must first install SVN. Click this link to visit Tortoise SVN's download page. Follow their installation instructions to complete this step.

Note: Make sure you download the correct version. If you're on a 64-bit version of Windows, you need the 64-bit version. Same goes for 32-bit. If you aren't sure, right click "My Computer" and look at the properties. It should say under "system type."

Markings On Folders

You'll notice some new icon overlays on your folders & files. These are TortoiseSVN's way of marking the files, letting you know their "status" since download.

  • Green check marks are files & folders that are "normal", those which haven't been changed since you downloaded them.
  • Red exclamation marks are files / directories you've changed "modified".
  • Blue plus marks are files that aren't included in the download(You or bot added it)

Both of these you shouldn't worry about. Below is a list from TortoiseSVN.

110210211033 Overlays.png

For further information regarding SVN, please reference the SVN Guide

Download Etal

With SVN

The Black Enchantress (BE) is the public release of the Beta version.
1. On your local hard drive or desktop, create a folder for Etal bot and name it "Etal".
2. Right-click on the Etal folder to view the right-click menu
3. Select SVN Checkout from the right-click menu
4. Provide a URL for your desired branch in the box labeled 'URL of Repository'
Etal Download Link


With .Zip

Click this link to directly download the .zip.
Note: This will automatcally start the download. There is no confirmation page depending on your browser.


If you have completed these steps, Etal is now downloaded and ready to be configured. Configuration of a fresh installation of Etal is detailed in the Etal First-Time Configuration Guide.


If you have questions or comments on this guide, please create a topic in the Help Request section of our forums.

Remember to use the How To Request Help thread to ensure you have submitted all the information necessary to assist you!