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Download and Install Tortoise SVN

The following is a step-by-step guide detailing the recommended installation of Etal under SVN source control.

The recommended approach to installing Etal uses Tortoise SVN source control software. Before downloading Etal itself, you must first install SVN. Click this link to visit Tortoise SVN's download page. Follow their installation instructions to complete this step.

Note: Make sure you download the correct version. If you're on a 64-bit version of Windows, you need the 64-bit version. Same goes for 32-bit. If you aren't sure, right click "My Computer" and look at the properties. It should say under "system type."

Markings On Folders

You'll notice some new icon overlays on your folders & files. These are TortoiseSVN's way of marking the files, letting you know their "status" since download.
  • Green check marks are files & folders that are "normal", those which haven't been changed since you downloaded them.
  • Red exclamation marks are files / directories you've changed "modified".
  • Blue plus marks are files that aren't included in the download(You or bot added it)
Both of these you shouldn't worry about. Below is a list from TortoiseSVN.

For further information regarding SVN, please reference the SVN Guide.

Download Etal


Due to recent 1.14 patches, most D2 bots have been rendered useless. While the version hack (d2nt_fix) is one way around this, the following sections will discuss releases from the Etal Development Team. While some features are only available to contributors, they will be released to the general public after a period of testing and bug reporting.

See Official Etal SVN Repo for updated SVN links, both for public or contributors releases. Detailed svn links can be also found on Etal releases page

Public Release

We are able to provide a Multiloader (wiki / forum) and a sneak peek at our new manager, it may vary as we progress with getting a working bot for you.



As part of Etals 5th Anniversary, we are releasing our current MapHack (wiki / forum) to our contributors!

SVN - contributors (use site credentials user_name/password):

Version Hack

While the version hack (d2nt_fix method) isn't an official Etal method, it has been useful to enable the full bot, using the previous 1.13d version of the game for botting on 1.14 battle.net.

Ban wave 1.14d warning

8 June 2016 ---> If you got banned, post here!
  • there are reported many banned accounts - due the reason "8" = using a third party "hack" program of some sort: see here

Avoid Spamming Ban

  • About Chat spam ban, you can find more info here;
  • Also, you can update your Etal folder via SVN, see above links;

D2NT_fix method explained

  • D2NT_fix was released for D2NT bot and it's working only with 1.13d version of Diablo II;
  • D2NT_fix will activate the loader "D2NT Manager.exe" with window title "ETAL Manager 3.165";
  • "D2NT_fix.exe" it's a hack application that's why it's catalogued as a virus from most of antivirus programs – see analysis on www.virustotal.com;
  • in D2Etal folder, the file "Game.exe", just near "D2NT_FIX.exe" need to be the same with battlenet version (now 1.14d);
  • rollback from battlenet updated 1.14 Diablo II consists in re-adding most of missed *.dll files from version 1.13d + "Game.exe" 1.13c (534.5 kb) + "Bnclient.dll" 1.13c (128 kB) and repatch all files with "LODPatch_113d.exe";
  • in original 1.13d version of the game, the replacement of "Bnclient.dll" 1.13d (136 kB) with fix one (60.5 kB) is needed, a version hacked which will not allow upgrading to 1.14 when connect to battlenet, but will display this version on first game screen;

Full download of already installed v.Hack

  • Diablo II not need to be installed, like most of apps, it can be only copied (the whole folder) and run and will be ok (ofc you need more valid keysets to enter the battle.net);
  • this is an Etal pre-installed D2LOD 1.13d, made with public keys (you have to change them);
  • it also contain the public release "BE", which have also the D2NT_FIX files;
  • creating bot folder 1.13d starting from installers D2+LoD 1.12A | wiki or | forum;
  • rollback 1.14 Diablo II to 1.13d | wiki or | forum;
  • installing Etal with d2nt_fix | wiki or | forum;
  • silent bot options | wiki;


If you have questions or comments on this guide, please create a topic in the Help Request section of our forums.

Remember to use the How To Request Help thread to ensure you have submitted all the information necessary to assist you!

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