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Project Etal

Etal's Maphack has gone public!
Last Tuesday Etal's Maphack was moved to the public section on SVN, this release replaces the multi-loader as the next step in Etal's core.
*For those visiting SVN in your browser, info on the google alert HERE.

Complete Guide to the Version Hack

An excellent overview guide (including links to the Wiki / Videos) was put together by Loa. If you're struggling with setup or tackling it fresh I recommend checking it out.

Old Wiki Retired
With the old -> new wiki migration complete & redirects up, links to the old Wiki have been removed.​
Official Etal Subversion Repository

This will be the collective repository for all Etal developed works.
(Allow time for Devs to populate content.)
Contributors (Use Site Credentials User / Pass (Both Case Sensitive)):​
Does Blizzard ban for chat?
(& if they do can we get some insight into what triggers it.)
Following THIS post, I had a couple pm's (@KiLLz420 & @Cursedbrood).

I wrote up a quick testbed for testing the chat phrases:
1. Navigate to scripts\NTManual\Manual_Game\Variables.ntl
At the end of the file add:
2. Replace scripts\NTManual\NTManualGame.ntj with THIS
3. Create the file scripts\NTManual\Manual_Game\ChatBanCheck.ntl & paste THIS inside.

Edit ChatBanCheck.ntl to configure spamming.
Use 1-8 on keyboard to toggle testbeds in-game.
Log files generated in scripts\ChatBanCheck_CharacterName.txt
So far we have identified 2 phrases on Blizzard's Ban Filter:

"!Inventory & Stash Full" - Posted overhead AND in regular chat (Fixed in BE(112) / RD(42))
"!----------DPS Meter----------" - Posted overhead AND in regular chat (Fixed in BE(113) / RD(43))
Features below have not yet had their bannable phrase('s) identified but are confirmed to cause a ban.

NTConfig_AttackingThis = true - Needs narrowing down
NTConfig_AnnounceDroppedItems = true
NTManual Anti-Idle (Pause/Break Keybind)
Submissions in the form of log files are available...​