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Project Etal

Hello my fellow ETAL lovers. It is getting to be that time again. The next diablo 2 ladder reset should be taking place on the 2nd or 3rd Tuesday in November (15th or 22nd). No official announcement has been made by blizzard yet and will probably not have one until the beginning of Nov. However it is time to start considering your plans for the next ladder reset, form your teams, get in practices and have a wonderful ladder season!

To look up more information about reset teams, and see what teams have open spots, or to start your own, check the reset team forum here: http://www.projectetal.com/forums/index.php?forums/reset-teams.43/

Note: At this time we do not know for certain whether the new bot will be ready in time for the ladder reset or not. It is coming along wonderfully and our developers are working very hard to get things going. We have had some great improvements and many steps have been achieved over the last few months. We will divulge any further information we have in news posts when there is anything relevant to add.

A big thank you goes out to everyone in the community for all of your contributions and continued support. I hope to see many of you at this next ladder reset!
Etal's Maphack has gone public!
Last Tuesday Etal's Maphack was moved to the public section on SVN, this release replaces the multi-loader as the next step in Etal's core.
*For those visiting SVN in your browser, info on the google alert HERE.

Complete Guide to the Version Hack

An excellent overview guide (including links to the Wiki / Videos) was put together by Loa. If you're struggling with setup or tackling it fresh I recommend checking it out.

Old Wiki Retired
With the old -> new wiki migration complete & redirects up, links to the old Wiki have been removed.​
Official Etal Subversion Repository

This will be the collective repository for all Etal developed works.
(Allow time for Devs to populate content.)
Contributors (Use Site Credentials User / Pass (Both Case Sensitive)):​