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Project Etal

We're trying out Slack, a new web chat service.

Check the Nav bar up top for a link to our invite form.

Staff's already in there but the main purpose is to provide you, the community a user-friendly place to chat among yourselves. Let us know what you think.

When you join Slack, we encourage you to use the same name as you use here... Makes recognition a lot easier for all of us :)
I think it's important for the community to have a glimpse of what's happening on the back-end in a more scrappy.

This thread will serve that purpose: quick updates, usually relating to the site.
Contest: Etal it up #3
Reset day, time to get planning!​

Many of you remember this from last couple times around, this time we'll be upping the stakes again!

  • Each user may submit up to 3 characters.
    • Characters must be from the new Ladder (East, West, Europe).
    • Level 75 or above.
    • Must contain "ETAL" (ALL CAPS) within their name. (Pay attention to this, one character was disqualified last time.)
    • Screenshot yourself alone in a channel with your character visibly displayed in the rankings as proof & post below. (If you're not on the rankings, post one with the current rankings shown).
    • Submitting under multiple user accounts or otherwise trying to rig the fun will disqualify & earn a vacation.
  • Each valid "character" submission is worth (1) entry.
    • Contributors who participate will receive double entries. (Calculated before bonus entries.)
    • Bonus entries MAY be awarded for names found insanely clever, funny or creative by staff.
I don't know anyone who couldn't use an extra cd key set - & that's just what we plan on giving out!
Now's your chance to get a one-up on your reset peers by making clever use of the Etal name. Good luck!

Up for grabs:
  • 13 Grey CD Key Set('s) *(26 digit key sets delivered via...