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Hi Guest,

     Just a friendly reminder that work on the new Etal bot is ongoing & progress is being made daily. While we don't feel comfortable setting an ETA at this time we will be posting all updates in the News on the front-page of the site.

(Please do not pm staff asking for updates.)

Project Etal

The core for the new bot is coming along very nicely and updates to the javascript code will be begun this weekend. We have experienced only one setback as of now(the new patch) but it has been dealt with. Testing has begun and some features/needed functionality is still being developed.

I do want to thank all of the members for their patience concerning this. As most know ETAL ran on the d2nt core which we did not have access to so updating for patches was impossible. With the new core we will have complete access and future updates for new patches and such will be easier for us to do.

As soon as more information is gathered/tested This post will be updated.
There's a few changes as I'm sure you've noticed by now. Work behind the scenes over this last week or 2 culminated today in some massive updates going live.

(Apologies for those who've endured the last 10 hours of site maintenance).

  • Style / Theme updated to Etal Dark 2 (xenFracture
  • Our portal updated to XenPorta 2 Pro 1.1.9
  • Shoutbox updated to TaigaChat Pro 1.4.7
  • TeamSpeak bridge added (TeamSpeak 3 Integration 1.1.1b)
A couple more things still on the table & coming soon for the site, then I'll be focusing on our development side.

Ts3 Guide by @g00fy_goober@g00fy_goober :

We have released a new TeamSpeak add-on with the ability to sync your ETAL account to your TeamSpeak unique ID. The majority of permission assignment will now be offloaded to the addon.

How to SYNC your account:
  1. Go Here.
  2. On the Top right click sync account: Link
  3. Within TeamSpeak press CTRL + I for your unique address to copy it.
  4. Paste your Unique User ID and press Accept to sync your account.

I would like to encourage everyone to join us on TeamSpeak. It's a great way to interact with some of your fellow Etalions and find some other friendly people to chat with or play some fun games with. I Hope to see you all there!​

Post bugs below.
A huge welcome to our newest Community Support Staff:
Heepster & Loa

Current Staff