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Project Etal

Congratulations to Mita for getting the correct answer and spotting an error in my original math!

For those wondering the correct answer was the number of el runes, chipped topazes, chipped amethysts, chipped sapphires, chipped rubys, chipped emeralds, and chipped diamonds to cube an enigma.

Alright I was bored so I decided to give away one grey key set.
To try and win it all you have to do is be a member of the forums for over 1 month OR a contributor and reply to this thread telling me what the following numbers have to do with d2!

5355700840179, 91076130, 30359313, 10120491, 2359232, 824568, 375660

Hint #1: It's d2 only related and nothing to do with botting and universally true
Hint #2: The cube will help you find the answer
Hint #3: A 3os armor will also be required
Hint #4: The numbers are each individual item and 6 are similar

P.S. A grey keyset is a set that may or may not be in-use as of writing the post the set was open on all realms and not muted.
Etal is now on Discord, join us for real-time text / voice chat.

Link up top on the nav-bar.​
Contest: Etal it up #4
Reset day, time to get planning!​

Many of you remember this from last couple times, we're upping the stakes again!

  • Each user may submit up to 5 characters.
    • Characters must be from the new Ladder (East, West, Europe).
    • Level 40 or above.
    • Must contain "ETAL" (ALL CAPS) within their name.
    • Screenshot your D2 Window with yourself alone in a channel with the current rankings visible & hover your cursor over your toon for the level / realm info as proof. Post in a reply to this thread.
    • Submitting under multiple user accounts, ban evasion or otherwise trying to rig the fun will disqualify.
  • Each valid "character" submission is worth (1) entry.
    • Contributors who participate will receive double entries. (Calculated before bonus entries.)
    • Bonus entries MAY be awarded for names found insanely clever, funny or creative by staff. (Staff participating in the judgement of names are excluded from contest).
In the past we've given out cd key sets, this time we're switching it up..

Up for grabs:
  • 1st: Dinner On Us
    • We'll order you Pizza, Chinese or whatever's sounding good. (We'll work with the winner to ensure the end result is achieved with as little headache as possible.) Max Value $50 USD.