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Project Etal

SVN-Download the new Etal Manager and MapHack using this link: http://svn.projectetal.com/d2etal/Public/Etal Maphack

Key Index :
The key index allows you to re-arrange your cdkey list. If you're changing cdkeys after so many runs, if you open the key index and select a new key or the same key and press the OK button it will reset the runcount for the keychanger. This means if you're switching keys every 5 runs and you're on your 3rd run, if you stop the profile and press the OK button in the key index it will reset back to 0.

Reset Password :
This allows you to reset the password of the profile if you mistyped it without having to restart the manager. This will be useless atm until we release a full version of the bot.

Profile Editor :
You must always set a Diablo II Path and profile name in order to add it. If you use Glide, the manager will auto set the glide window settings.

CD Keys :
You must set a Diablo II Path before adding any cd keys. CD key MPQ's added must be inside the Diablo II Path you've set. The shorter the cdkey.mpq names are the more you can add eg. key1.mpq vs cdkey1.mpq

You can have a maximum of 50 Profiles per Manager.
You can have a maximum of 50 Keys per Profile.

Q and A:

Q: My AV quarantined Etal Manager.exe when trying to run run in full screen mode or when I use one of the links. What to do?
A: Set an exclusion for Etal Manager.exe in your AV.

Q: I'm getting this error-code: mfc 140u.dll is missing. What can I do?
A: Download and install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio...
Congratulations to Mita for getting the correct answer and spotting an error in my original math!

For those wondering the correct answer was the number of el runes, chipped topazes, chipped amethysts, chipped sapphires, chipped rubys, chipped emeralds, and chipped diamonds to cube an enigma.

Alright I was bored so I decided to give away one grey key set.
To try and win it all you have to do is be a member of the forums for over 1 month OR a contributor and reply to this thread telling me what the following numbers have to do with d2!

5355700840179, 91076130, 30359313, 10120491, 2359232, 824568, 375660

Hint #1: It's d2 only related and nothing to do with botting and universally true
Hint #2: The cube will help you find the answer
Hint #3: A 3os armor will also be required
Hint #4: The numbers are each individual item and 6 are similar

P.S. A grey keyset is a set that may or may not be in-use as of writing the post the set was open on all realms and not muted.
Etal is now on Discord, join us for real-time text / voice chat.

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